To become a Classtime Certified Educator, you will have to pass a theoretical exam, and also provide evidence of your practical mastery in form of a Question Set.

Every exam taker needs to contribute a Question Set to our Curriculum, thereby enriching the learning and exchange between colleagues around the world.

Only if your final Question Set has been reviewed and accepted, will you receive an invitation the the certification exam.

The provided Question Set must meet the following requirements to prove your deeper understanding while also assuring high quality standards:

  • All of the questions must be created by you (= no plagiarism). Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy questions from other sources.

  • Include at least 4 questions in your Question Set.

  • Use at least 2 different question types.
    For example: 3 multiple choice questions, and one free text question.

  • Include at least 1 image in any of your questions.
    This can either be in the question description and/or as an answer option.

  • Include at least 1 solution explanation in any of your questions.

Once you have prepared your Question Set contribution, continue with Step 2: Certification Exam.

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