Step 2: Certification exam
Once you feel ready for the certification exam, you can apply with the form in this article.
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Once you have learned how to use Classtime, prepared your Question Set contribution, and feel ready for the certification exam, you can apply with this form.


  • The certification exam will be conducted online through Classtime. You will join as a student. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

  • The exam will include 20 randomly selected questions for you to answer.

  • The exam may include several question types, such as multiple-choice, checkboxes, sorter, or categorizer. Try 3 example exam questions.

  • You may answer the questions in any order; they are all immediately visible. You are also able to change your answers.


  • From the moment you receive our exam invitation (Session Link), you have 7 days to attempt the exam. Please do not register for the exam until you plan to take it within the week.

  • Plan for a duration of about 15-60 minutes to complete the exam.


  • After submitting your exam, a member of our team will review it.

  • You will receive a PDF with all of your results per question, including the solutions.

  • To pass the exam, you will require an accuracy of ≥80% (meaning you will need to answer 16 out of 20 questions correctly).

  • If you do not meet the required passing score, you may retake the exam. You can retake the exam as many times as you would like. You will not have to re-submit a new Question Set as evidence for practical mastery but can reuse the existing one.

Honor Code

We rely on your commitment to the honor code to assure that we can provide this exam fairly for everyone, for free. Please read through the following points. Thank you for honoring our code!

  • You will not use outside help during the exam period. The exam is designed to test and confirm your acquired mastery without outside help.

  • You will not share any exam questions or solutions with others. While the questions will continuously change with new features and needs, the exam is not meant to be shared with others.

If anyone violates our honor code, we can revoke any of their certificates and permanently ban them from retaking any Classtime certification.

If you feel prepared to take the exam, click here:

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