If you're an educator who knows how to use Classtime in the classroom or wants to learn, this certification will help you to reach and prove your mastery. It's free!

Benefits for Classtime Certified Educators

  • Get Classtime Premium 3 months for free

  • Receive a personalized certificate confirming your mastery (as a URL and PDF)

What it takes to get certified


Explore our tool and training resources (watch videos in our Youtube playlist and take advantage of the group to post questions and get fast feedback from Classtime and fellow educators) to learn everything about creating attractive Question Sets and handling live Sessions.


Practice using Classtime with your students or colleagues and solidify your learnings!


Hand in your final Question Set submission, and prove your mastery of Classtime by passing a theoretical exam (20 questions, 60 minutes to complete).

What's next?

If you already are prepared to take the exam, click here:

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