With Classtime Premium, you can assign different point values to each Question and let Classtime do the scoring for you. You will be able to see all results in your Session Dashboard. After, can also conveniently export all results after in a PDF or a spreadsheet.

Assigning point values to Questions

To get started, assign a certain point value to each question you create or edit. In your Library, open the Question you would like to edit and locate the point value field on the right.

By default, each question is assigned 1 point. You can change the point value as you want. You can also define 0 as a value if you do not want the question to influence the overall student score. You can also use points with up to two decimals, e.g. 1.25.

After saving your question, you can always check the total number of points in your Question Set. This might look something like this:

Conducting a Session with grading

As soon as student responses come in, Classtime will validate and grade them automatically. The only exception is the free text question type, which will require you to mark it as correct or incorrect once. After that, the system learns and automatically applies the validation to all future identical answers as well.

You can always see how many points each student achieved right next to their name (A). Optionally, you can switch between a percentage and point view by clicking on the total score (B). By hovering over the question number, you can also always check how many points a question is worth (C):

If you would like to award partial points for partially correct answers, you can activate it in your Session settings by checking Enable partial grading:

Checkboxes: Students get partial points for every answer option that they check correctly. If they a) check an incorrect answer option b) forget to check a correct answer, they will receive a partial point penalty. This disincentivizes students to simply guess and check all answer options. The exact calculation is: (correctly checked answers  - incorrectly checked answers) / total possible correct answers. Example: (2 correct - 1 incorrect) / 2 total correct = 1/2 = 0.5 points earned.

Sorter: the sorter will assign equal partial points for every item at the right position. It will not reward the student for correct sequence. In this example, the student has correctly assigned "A" in the first position (earning 0.75, or 0.8 points in total). While C and D are in the right sequence, no points are given as they are not in the right position:

Categorizer: for every correct selection, the student will receive a partial point. As all rows need at least one answer, there is no penalty. Example: 3 answer options (1/3 points each), with two out of three correct: 0.7 points (0.66).

What will students see?
Students will see the achievable points in each question (if not 0):

Once the solutions are revealed, students will see how many points they have achieved per question, and also overall:

Weighted points and grading is a Classtime Premium feature.

Please remember that you can always export all student answers and scores with our Excel export. From there, you can make optional edits, import it into Google Sheets, save it locally or share it with students, parents and other parties.

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