The co-teachers feature simplifies collaboration between educators of the same school. Co-teachers have many of the same permissions as the teacher who created the class:

Co-teachers can...

Co-teachers can't...

  • Invite and remove students

  • Access all sessions that are assigned to a co-taught class, including past ones

  • Invite a co-taught class to a new Session

  • Do anything in a session that is assigned to a co-taught class (including changing of session settings, validating student answers, renaming a session, exporting results from a session).

  • Rename a class

  • Delete a class

  • Add or remove co-teachers

You can always see who is co-teaching your class and how owns it:

Co-Teachers in Classtime

In the example above, Valentin is the owner of the class. Maria (logged in as a co-teacher) can also invite and remove students from the class. As a co-teacher, Maria can also start a new Session and invite the class she co-teaches:

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