Thank you for filling out the form and for your interest in Classtime!

We receive a lot of inquiries and - due to limited resources - can only dedicate our supervision time to clients who are also able and willing to invest.

That you only have a budget of USD 0-500 is OK, of course - but in this case, we would like to refer you to our comprehensive collection of resources, where you will find several hours of videos, numerous blogposts with didactic ideas, and suggestions, and support articles on a wide range of topics. We make these resources available to you free of charge.

Should you nevertheless (or at a later date) have more budget, we are happy to offer you a school license - which brings many additional benefits - and ask you to contact us again.

We look forward to hearing from you!


There are several English playlists on our Classtime YouTube-Channel, where you can find all the videos we have created:

  • Getting started with Classtime: Link

  • Educator Community Webinars: Link

  • Collaborative Challenges: Link

  • Classtime Academy: Link

  • CCE study playlist: Link (Originally created for studying for the Classtime Certified Educator but has a lot of important information)

Help Center

Our articles in the Help Centre explain all the functions, applications, and requirements for Classtime. To begin with, we recommend that you study the article on how to get started with Classtime, as this provides a good basic knowledge of how to use our solution.

You can find all of the other interesting articles here.

Classtime Blog

In our blog, you will find articles on various didactic topics but also application suggestions and examples for Classtime.

Classtime subscription models

To help you find the right subscription model for you and your school, we have listed our various offers. You can find the list here, where you also have the opportunity to access free trials.

Social Media

Our social media channels also have helpful content that might interest you. Here we post updates on new features, blog posts, or YouTube videos. The posts are each composed of a short summary and usually a link.

Our channels:

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