Classtime is completely free to create Questions, start new Sessions and get immediate feedback on every student's learning progress in class sizes of up to 40 at the same time. There is no limit in number of Sessions you can conduct!

For educators who would like to profit from significant time saving and/or unique class engagement experiences, we currently offer two paid solutions:

  1. Collaborative Challenges - Collaborative Challenges enable you to develop your lesson around a meaningful narrative that is projected in the classroom for all students to see, and presents a problem which students must solve by answering questions on their devices. Only if the entire classroom performs well, will the Collaborative Challenge develop into a success story. Collaborative Challenges can be bought individually and be used unlimitedly. Click here to learn more.
  2. Classtime Premium - Our Premium plan with great time-savers such as automated grading, Excel exports of students scores and answers and increased class sizes of up to 300 students at the same time. You can also allow students to join only with their Google, Microsoft or Clever account. It also includes all Collaborative Challenges! Our plans can be subscribed to on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Click here to learn more.

For schools and organizations, please visit this page.

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