Once you start a new Session, you can share the unique Session code with all of your students to join. This can be done in two ways:

1. Share the URL

In this example, you can click on the 'Copy' button to automatically copy it. You can now paste the URL anywhere and share it.

2. Manually enter the Session code on Classtime.com

Ask your students to go to Classtime.com, find the Students' code input field at the top, and enter your Session code.

3. Join with your nickname or Google/Microsoft/Clever account

Students can enter by entering their (nick)name or by using their Google/Microsoft/Clever account to authenticate.

Once they join, they will see a waiting screen or the questions, depending on what questions you have activated before.

Pro tip: joining with Google/Microsoft/Clever accounts instead of nicknames has several advantages:

  • Student names are more relevant and consistent
  • Better guarantee of real student identity
  • Progress saving: students can log into the same Session at another time and from another device and continue where they left off!

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