What is Classtime?

Classtime helps teachers to find the clear path to student success. We deliver learning insights, giving you more time to teach!

Teachers can conveniently prepare or import questions and activate them on the students’ devices during a lesson so that everyone can participate. The educator can leverage instantaneous insights on every students’ understanding to teach with greater impact. Teachers can also then automatically grade the student responses and export all results and responses as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.

Additionally, with our Collaborative Challenges, teachers can create a meaningful, engaging narrative around their questions and motivate their class to work and succeed together.

What can I do with Classtime?

As a teacher, you can use Classtime to:

  • EDUCATE STUDENTS: Create and share questions to help students reflect on their understanding and ask for help when it matters the most - during class.

  • GET  LEARNING FEEDBACK: Get quality feedback on every student's learning progress in real-time on your device to understand more about your teaching impact. 

  • ENGAGE STUDENTS: Have all students participate in class, or during homework, and open new possibilities for discussions and collaborative learning.

  • ANALYZE LEARNING ISSUES: Export a PDF or Excel spreadsheet and review each student's performance during or also after a class session to decide on how to resolve their learning issues quickly and effectively.

  • SAVE TIME WITH GRADING: Allocate different points to each question and let Classtime auto-grade your class.

Who uses Classtime?

  • Primary, middle, and high school teachers

  • Higher education lecturers

  • Seminar speakers

  • Corporate trainers

  • Live streaming moderators

What makes Classtime unique?

Classtime is built for the highest reliability and flexibility during a live class, empowering the teacher to intervene and manage the class as needed. 

  • Precise and flexible timing: specific questions and solutions can be shown and hidden as needed during a live session and students are allowed to join at any time. You can also flexibly define if you would like the Session to be student-paced (showing solutions immediately) or teacher-paced. It is also possible to run several live sessions in parallel, allowing to differentiate various sub-groups at the same time (with same or different questions).

  • Powerful grading and student performance exports [PREMIUM]: allocate points to different questions and let Classtime to the grading for you. Afterward, you can export all student answers and per question performance in a spreadsheet. These features are only available with Classtime Premium.

  • Access to 30,000+ free Questions: save time and get inspired by using our prepared Questions from Khan Academy or our Public Library Search.

  • Variety of question types: we offer various question types such as multiple choice, checkboxes, free-text-answers, true-or-false, categorizer, sorter, highlight text, hot spot, and are constantly developing new types.

  • Unlimited content for questions: while the title is capped at 170 characters, you can still add as many details in the additional description as you want. There is also no limit to the length and amount of answer options, giving you great flexibility. Additionally, you can use the markup language LaTeX to include mathematics notations wherever you would like. Or add images and YouTube clips to engage your students in different ways.

  • Collaborative Challenges: our Collaborative Challenges connect school curriculum to challenges in the real world in a collaborative manner: only if the class performs well while answering your questions, will the projected Challenge succeed! Classtime Premium includes all Collaborative Challenges.

Explore hands-on how Classtime works by trying it out the platform without needing to sign up. It takes less than three minutes - it's that simple!

... or contact us at support@classtime.com for more questions or ideas!

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