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Learn about pre-populated question sets and how to create your own questions!

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Classtime offers more than 50,000 free questions available in our Curriculum, which contains high-quality formative and summative content. Here are a few suggestions to get started immediately:

How to prepare your first question set

To prepare a question set, simply click on 'Create Question Set' on the right sub-menu and enter a name.

Inside your new question set, you can create new questions (by clicking on '+ New Question'). If you want to see how it looks in a real session, simply select 'Start New Session' inside your question set and simulate the responses. It's that easy!

Create Your First Question Set

Classtime offers nine unique question types, such as True/False, hotspot, categorizer, and more. Click here to learn more about our question types!

Select the answer that you want to appear as correct by clicking on the icon to the left of the answer. You can also provide an explanation as to why the answer is correct by clicking on the “Solution explanation” box underneath the answer options.

Rewatch our Getting Started video for additional help:

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