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How to start a demo session

A step-by-step guide to viewing a simulation of a real Classtime session.

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When you arrive at, click “Start Now” to view your demo session, which is a simulation of a real Classtime session. The unique session code is what will be shared with students so they can join the session.

By clicking “Start Preview”, you will see a simulation of students joining the session, as well as which questions they are answering correctly. During a live session, you can activate and deactivate questions and even activate a session reflection, which allows students to answer questions at the end of the session so you can better understand how they felt about the assessment.

Explore Classtime as a student

Now that you've seen Classtime from the perspective of a teacher, you can quickly explore the perspective of a student! Once you've activated a simulation, a button to its right will appear. Clicking it will open a new window where you will be able to use the same session as a student!

Pro Tip: grab a second device (such as your smartphone) and log in with the session code as a student!

Simply add a name and see how it works. Experiment with showing and hiding single questions for greater flexibility and try to answer the questions as a student. You'll see that the students in the simulation have been replaced by you with your real answers.

If you want, you can now finish the Session by confirming 'End Session' at the top of the teacher's session dashboard.

Rewatch our Getting Started video for additional help:

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