Looking for a way to enhance collaboration with your colleagues? Classtime’s exclusive School License features allow you to work as a team with other teachers, assistants, and administrators in two ways:

  1. Shared Folders

With this feature, you will be able to add collaborators so that everyone on your team can benefit from your work. Not only will collaborators have the chance to utilize your work, but all educators added to a shared folder will be able to create, edit, and delete questions. Add collaborators to your folder with just a few clicks:

Click on the folder you would like to add collaborators to and select the "Add collaborators" button.

Then, search or select the teacher you would like to as a collaborator, and click "Update collaborators".

2. Co-Teachers

Another benefit of the School License is the ability to add co-teachers to your Class. Upon adding your co-teachers, they will instantly have access to all of your data from your sessions. This creates a seamless transition from teacher to teaching assistant, or teacher to substitute.

Simply open the Class you would like to add a co-teacher to and select the "Add co-teachers" button.

Then, select the teacher you would like to add and click “Invite”. All invited co-teachers can now access your class and all assigned Sessions.

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