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Learning Standards for Questions

Tag your questions with learning standards.

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You can tag your questions by learning standards. This is particularly helpful to identify the learning goals of a question and also for Session reports. Currently, Classtime supports two learning standards frameworks:

It is currently not possible to add your own learning standards framework. We are continuously adding new learning standards frameworks, and we kindly ask you to request a missing framework via

How to tag a question with standards

1. When you create a new question or edit an existing one, you’ll find the option to add a standard tag at the bottom of the question as shown here:

2. Use the search bar to directly search for the standard by name or keywords in the description (e.g. “ELA-Literacy.W9” or “introduce a topic”). Alternatively, use the filters to select your standards framework. The other filters will automatically update to help you narrow down your selection:

3. After finding a learning standard that you would like to add to your question, confirm by selecting the learning standard. Note that you can add more than one learning standard to a question.

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