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Classtime Premium vs. School License
Classtime Premium vs. School License

Learn about the different features between having Classtime Premium or a School License

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Premium and School Licenses both include our core free features which consist of real-time class analytics, all question types, unlimited questions & sessions, unlimited session reports (PDF), and access to 50,000+ free questions. The different features between a Premium and School License are listed below.

Premium Features:

  1. Student Classes: Set up Classes with student accounts for access to the Student Portal and invite your class with one click. Students won’t require session codes and can download their results from past sessions.

  2. Advanced scoring of student answers: Assign different points per question and award partial points for student answers.

  3. Custom images for Puzzle Challenges: Create your own Puzzle Challenge: upload any image you want.

  4. Collaborative Challenges: Access all of your classroom games as often as you would like.

  5. Student performance PDF & Excel reports: Get detailed reports as PDF or Excel spreadsheets - per class or student

  6. Class sizes: Up to 300 students per session

  7. Session Settings: Change the default Session Settings such as shuffling answer or questions, setting a timer, and/or specifying a start or end time

  8. Teacher-Student Live Chat: Communicate with your students via 1-on-1 teacher-student live chat during a Session.

  9. Priority customer support: Get support first- within a business day!

  10. Google Classroom Integration: Easily import classes, create assignments, and synchronize student scores between Google Classroom and Classtime.

School License features (including all Basic and Premium features):

  1. Shared Content Folders: Easily co-create and access shared content with colleagues

  2. Co-Teachers for Classes: Invite co-teachers (teaching assistants, substitute teachers, school leadership) to your Classes and share access to Sessions and Student Performance

  3. School Analytics: Leverage data analytics to track the activity and performance of all students across your school. Identify learner gaps immediately and make data-driven decisions to boost student achievement

  4. Professional development: We provide thorough and continuous professional development of your teachers for Classtime, removing entry barriers for your teachers and making sure the tools are used to the best benefit of your students

  5. Microsoft Teams Integration: Quickly and easily access Classtime as a trusted app within Microsoft Teams.

The status of your license will be on the top right corner of your Classtime account under your name:

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