You can import all of your classes and student rosters from Google Classroom into Classtime. For that, you’ll need to follow a few easy steps:

1. Grant Classtime Permission

Go to your Classes and click on “Import from Google Classroom”

Now, select the Google account you use for Google Classroom and grant Classtime permission to access your classes if you agree. You’ll be automatically directed back to your imported Classes in Classtime.

2. Explore the Google Classroom integration with Classtime

If you created classes and invited students via Google Classroom, it will be reflected in Classtime. After integration, you can invite students and co-teachers to your Google Classroom classes via Classtime:

After integrating both platforms, you’ll also be able to see your Classtime Sessions, Classes, and students in your Google Classroom:

Rewatch our Getting Started video for additional help:

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