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How to find and import questions from Curriculum

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To save time creating your own Question Sets, we provide you with the possibility to import community-created content and resources for various subjects and levels.

How to find a Question Set to import

Simply enter a keyword in the Search bar at the top. Examples: math, 5th grade, reading, electrons, etc.

Any keyword you enter will immediately show you all the available Question Sets.

You can click on any of them to preview more question-and-answer details. If you would like to use these questions, simply hit the button "Add to My Questions". You'll now find them highlighted in your Questions:

Important: please make sure you are successfully logged into your Classtime account before adding it to your Questions. Otherwise, it will be added to a temporary visitor account that is unregistered.

If you would like to edit some details of the newly added questions, you can simply do so by editing them like any other of your questions. You can also delete questions you do not want to include, or add some additional ones of your own!

Contribute to our Curriculum

Help other educators around the world by contributing and sharing your Question Sets! Our team will review your suggestion and if approved, add it to the Public Library. Thank you!

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