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Customize your assessment with Session Settings
Customize your assessment with Session Settings

Learn how to enable partial grading, session timer, schedule your assessment and much more.

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Session settings are checked every time when starting a new session, but can also be accessed in the top left corner of your session dashboard. Every setting can be changed at any given time, even during an ongoing lesson—giving you ultimate flexibility!

Currently, there are 4 sections of the session settings: General, Personalizable, Collaborative Challenges, and Safe Exam Browser.

General Settings

Shuffle answer options

When activated, the answer options will be randomly sorted for every student. Doing so makes it more difficult to copy another student's selection.

Shuffle questions

When activated, all questions will be randomly sorted for every student. This setting has the same goal as 'shuffle answer options': to make it more difficult for students to copy each other’s selections.

Show solutions immediately

When activated, solutions are immediately shown after every answer submission by the student. The student will see what they got right or wrong. We recommend this setting for student-paced sessions or homework! Take a look:

Allow only one attempt per question

When activated, students will only get one attempt to submit an answer, regardless of if they can see the solution immediately or not. There is no ability to change the answer after locking in their choice.

Remember, you can also change your settings during an ongoing, live session. That means you can start out with only one attempt and then deactivate it for the students to try again!

Session scheduler

When you start a session, you will get the option to schedule your session for students to be permitted to join at a certain time. You can also choose when the session will end and no new students can enter.

Enable Partial Grading

Default: students are automatically awarded either the full amount of points, or none. Example: a 5 point checkboxes question will show 0 points, if the student gets only one answer option wrong.

When activated: students are automatically rewarded partial points for partially correct answer submissions. Classtime will automatically weigh all answer options equally and distribute the points achieved. For missing or incorrectly selected options, it will subtract a penalty instead.

Enable Round-Based Mode

Depending on your teaching style, Classtime offers two distinct session modes: round-based and flexible session modes.

All Classtime sessions’ default is the flexible mode, so questions can be shown in any random order by clicking on the toggles under the question number. All questions can also be activated with one click.

When round-based mode is activated, questions and solutions are shown one after the other, always on your command. A comprehensive overview of all questions and solutions will only be shown after the last question is solved.

Session Reflection

When activated, students are asked to reflect on their learning progress after answering all questions and seeing the solutions. You can always check the results on your session dashboard:

Log out when handing in

When activated, every student will be automatically logged out from the session after handing it in, and won’t be able to change their answers then. If needed, students will be able to request to unsubmit the session, which educators will need to approve or decline.

Learn more about the "Hand in" button here.

Enhanced student login control

When activated, every student will be able to log in to the session only once, using one student account. If needed, students will be able to request access from a different device/browser. Educators will then have the option to approve or decline.

Learn more about this Enhanced Student Login Control here.

Personalizable settings


When activating the timer setting, you will set a default time limit for all the students joining this session. You can also choose if you want to start the timer after teacher activation, or after a student login.

If you choose the teacher activation option, your session and timer countdown will start after clicking a “Start” button on the session panel:

Student view before pressing a “Start” button:

After clicking the “Start button”, you will be able to Pause session or to end it.

If you choose to start the timer with the student login, every student will see a notification after first joining your session, which shows how many minutes they have to answer all of the active questions. The session timer is per student and it will begin to count down once the individual student clicks 'Start'.

For both timer activation scenarios, when the session and the timer are in progress, student sees the remaining time:

You will also be able to observe the remaining time visually and in specific minutes, when hovering on the icon next to the student's name on the dashboard:

If you need to customize the time for specific students, you can select them and adjust the individual settings in the “Options” menu.

Read Aloud Setting

Whether it's for comprehension, pronunciation, or simply the joy of listening, our Read-Aloud feature is designed to make learning more accessible and engaging, this feature offers:

  • Natural Voice Integration: Experience a smooth and clear voice that makes listening a pleasure.

  • Adjustable Speed: Tailor the reading speed to your students' comfort, whether they prefer a slower pace or a brisk one.

  • Highlight as it Reads: Watch as words get highlighted in sync with the reading, aiding in word recognition and retention.

Activate this setting with a few steps:

  1. Pick the 'Read Aloud' option from the Personalizable settings menu.

  2. Tweak the language, speed, and voice to fit your student's needs.

  3. As the feature reads aloud, students will see the spoken words highlighted in blue, making it super easy to track.

If you need to customize the time for specific students, you can select them and adjust the individual settings in the “Options” menu.

Student-Teacher Live Chat

With Classtime, teachers can easily message their students while a session is live. Get in contact with a student with just a few clicks:

  1. Activate the "teacher-student live chat" via the button in the personalizable section of the settings. It will automatically activate the chat for all the students joining your session.

  2. Select the chat box next to your student's name. A chat box will appear, where you will be able to communicate with your student instantly. You can send PDF, photo, and audio files over the chat, and it will be automatically saved even if a teacher is no longer live in the session.

If you need to adjust the settings, i.e. deactivate it for some of the students, you can do that in the “Options” menu.

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