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How to create and manage your Question Set

Create engaging and diverse questions for your online assessments

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A Question Set is a reusable collection of Questions. Organizing your Questions into Question Sets allows you to better prepare a Session in advance and also saves you time when re-using it with several classes.

Creating a Question Set

You can create a Question Set in your Questions by clicking on 'New Question Set' on the right-hand menu.

You can now create as many new Questions as needed within the Question Set. Once you are ready, you can start a new Session immediately.

Moving Questions between Question Sets

Questions can be moved between Question Sets, or into an entirely new one. Simply select all relevant Questions within your Question Set; a 'Move to'-button will appear on your righthand menu. After clicking it, you can now either create an entirely new Question Set or move them into an existing one.

Note: Your Questions will not be duplicated, but completely moved. This will not affect your live or previously ended Sessions.

Deleting a Question Set

You can conveniently delete one or more Question Sets by selecting them in the Questions. Once you check at least one Question Set, a 'Delete' button will appear on your righthand menu.

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