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How much does Classtime cost?

Classtime offers a plan for everyone: Basic, Premium, or School licenses.

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Classtime offers three plans. You can always switch between plans on your subscription page.

  • Basic

  • Premium

  • School License

When you switch back to the Basic plan, all of your data is safe. You will still have full access to all of your questions and all of your past sessions.

While Premium is recommended for teachers who want to take advantage of all of Classtime's features, School Licenses are more focused on features for collaboration amongst groups of teachers.

Premium licenses can be purchased as a monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan. Committing to a longer-term plan (e.g. yearly) comes with larger discounts.

You can learn more about the plans here: Classtime Pricing.

For inquiries about schools and institutions, please visit this page.

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