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How can I use mathematics notation in a Question?

Use LaTeX to create high-quality displays of mathematics.

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With Classtime, teachers can create high-quality displays of mathematics notation in their Questions by using the popular markup language LaTeX.

Simply click on the '√x'-symbol at the end of the input to open the LaTeX editor, or click on an existing expression. While entering your LaTeX code, the editor will immediately show you how it will look right below:

Important: Mathematics notation is currently not supported for the Question Title. You can add it only in the optional additional description (as seen above) and in the answer choices below, if given.

For students

While students can beautifully see all mathematics notations on every device, they cannot use it to provide as an answer for a free text question. Creating and editing mathematics notation is currently only available for teachers.

About LaTeX

Once you have learned the basic syntax of LaTeX, a very popular markup language, it is rather straightforward to use. Especially, for more common mathematics expressions, such as fraction. To look up certain commands, we recommend this page:

Here is an example to give you a better idea of the necessary input and output:

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