Engage your students with Classtime’s Endangered Species Team Challenge! Each of Classtime’s Collaborative Challenges presents a problem, and the entire class must perform well in order to make it a success story. In the Endangered Species team challenge, each team of students is assigned to an endangered species that they can help protect by answering questions correctly.

Note: Your students will need to be able to see your screen (either via projection or screen share).

  1. Start a new Session with your preferred Question Set.

  2. Launch your Collaborative Challenge from there. You cannot undo the team challenge once you launch it.

3. This will open a new tab. Select the number of students you would like to have per team. You need at least two students online in order to begin the team challenge. The teams will be completely randomized.

4. When all of your students are logged in and ready, click on "Start Game". Have all students answer your questions and make the Collaborative Challenge a success!

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