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How to use the Options drop-down menu: Read Aloud Setting, Student-Teacher Chat, Timer settings & Remove Students
How to use the Options drop-down menu: Read Aloud Setting, Student-Teacher Chat, Timer settings & Remove Students

Select the message option next to your student's name.

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Optimize your session with Classtime’s Options drop-down menu by activating the 'Read Aloud' feature, initiating student-teacher live chats, timer settings or selectively removing students.

To start working with the Options menu, you need to select the students for whom the settings should be adjusted. After that, you may click on the “Options” menu, and choose the settings to adjust:

If some of the settings you need are in deactivated state and not clickable, make sure to activate them in “Personalizable” section in the Session Settings menu first. Remember you can do that any time you want before, during or after the session.


You may disable the chat for selected students if needed. Just select this setting in the menu, and deactivate the toggle in the pop-up menu.

Read Aloud

If some of your students need the Read Aloud feature deactivated or customized, you can do that easily with a few steps:

  1. Select the student(s), and then pick the 'Read Aloud' option from the Options drop-down menu.

  2. In the pop-up settings, tweak the language, speed, and voice to fit your student's needs.

3. As the feature reads aloud, students will see the spoken words highlighted in blue, making it super easy to track.

Timer settings

You may modify time limit for selected students after selecting them: reset to default, add or subtract minutes, or overwrite remaining time. To make sure changes are implemented, don’t forget to click “Apply”.

How to Delete Students from a Session

If the student needs to be deleted from a session (e.g., they joined this session by accident), you are able to remove them by choosing the “Remove selected students” option.

  1. Choose the student that needs to be deleted from the session, by selecting the checkbox by their name.

  2. Choose “Remove selected students” from the Options dropdown menu

  3. Confirm your action. Removed students will not be able to rejoin and submit answers.

Should you need to let the deleted student back into the session, you may restore their access by selecting them in the section “Deleted Students”. Alternatively, you can also delete them from this session forever.

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