Classtime Referral Program

Classtime’s referral program allows you to invite other teachers to join us.

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Classtime’s referral program allows you to invite other teachers to join us so that we can continue to share our love for education with them as well. The referral program has no restrictions or conditions for you to join. Please read this article to understand how the referral system works in detail.

How do I earn credit from referring a friend to Classtime?

Earning credits from Classtime is easy as three steps!

1. Spread the word via link or over email with the friends you want to invite.

2. Wait for your friend to sign up.

3. For each successful sign-up, you and your friend will get 2 months Premium credit.

To get all your current referral details, go to Referral Program from your Classtime account.

How do I share my Referral Link?

Every registered teacher on Classtime has a personal referral link. After signing in to your account, please visit Referral Program to obtain a referral link of your own. As seen in the screenshot below, you can either simply copy the referral link or you can share it with your Facebook friends as a post.

What do I need to do to get my Premium credits?

After each person successfully signs up with your referral link, the credits for 2 months of Premium will be automatically applied to your account.

What do my friends need to do to get the Premium credits?

Referred teachers who have signed up using a valid referral link will also receive credit in the form of 2 months of Premium. The credit is automatically applied.

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