Before your examinations

  1. Getting started with Classtime

2. Search our Curriculum or collaboratively create question sets with co-educators

3. Create your own question set using a variety of question types. Learn how to use our Highlight Text question type:

4. Assign marks to each question

5. Using the Session Creator, you can conduct a session using multiple question sets:

6. Create strict timers for every quiz and examination

7. Schedule your session for a later date:

During the Examinations

  1. Share session link with your students with our one-click session link with no hassle of multiple applications:

2. Track on a real-time basis every student answers and detect cheating instantly on a real-time basis with strict monitoring and our bundling of similar answers to create a plagiarism controlled environment.

After your examinations

1. Validate the subjective type bundled answers and download reports.

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