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Secure sessions with Enhanced Student Control
Secure sessions with Enhanced Student Control

Reduce cheating on high stakes exams with our session setting: Enhanced Student Login Control

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We understand that online learning may raise concerns about security when it comes to high stakes exams. While educators work with students on academic integrity, Classtime is here to help teachers make reasonable efforts to reduce cheating. One way we help to make exams more secure is with our session setting, Enhanced Student Login Control.

When activated, your students may log in to the session using their account only once. If they need to use a different browser, you must approve it or deny the unauthorized logins.

Your student will be able to use the session link/code entry through a different browser, but when trying to log in with the same account, they will need to send you a request. You will then see a new message from Classtime, where you will be able to grant or deny access.

In case there is a mistake, the student will be able to send one more request. You will then be able to see the notification again and react to it by clicking "approve" or "deny."

Once the request is authorized, the student will be logged out from the initial browser.

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