However, if you would like to ask a Free Text question (e.g. "Name one organ of the human body."), you will need to validate the answers manually by clicking on the yellow eye icon in your Session Dashboard. Classtime has developed a solution for you to maximally save time:

  • All identical answers will be bundled (e.g. the answer 'Brain' will be shown only once, regardless of how many students answered it). Once you validate this answer as correct, Classtime will automatically validate all other student's answer - current, and also newly incoming ones. Classtime will always show you how many students have given this particular answer.

Important: Classtime will remember your validations for every particular answer. If you reuse the same Question without editing it in any way (it needs to remain absolutely identical), Classtime will automatically validate all previously experienced answers for you - making it smarter with every use, and saving you even more time!

If you're interested in seeing how this could be used in a language class, read our blog post 'Tips to actively engage your language class'!

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