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Can I anonymize student responses?
Can I anonymize student responses?

You can hide names and let students engage anonymously.

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Hiding student names allows you to project/screenshare the Session Dashboard without revealing individual names. It might also help you challenge your own biases.

There are two ways to engage your students anonymously:

1. Hide names in your Session Dashboard

In your Session Dashboard, click on ‘Sorted by: ...’

and then activate the toggle ‘Hide names’.

All of the student names will be hidden:

If you want to reveal their names at a later point, simply deactivate the toggle again.

Pro Tip: if you are interested in learning more about how this can help you fight natural biases in your classroom, visit our blog post: Challenging teacher biases to make your class stronger.

2. Use a temporary nickname

When students join your session, ask your students to use an alias, such as Student 01, or any other creative name, that makes it hard to identify the student:

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