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How to use Session Modes

Flexible and round-based modes are available for you to use to optimize your session.

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Depending on your teaching style, Classtime offers two distinct session modes: round-based and flexible modes.

Ideally, you know how you would like to conduct your session before the lesson starts, but you can still switch between both modes at any time, even during an ongoing session.

By default, your session will be set to flexible mode. To activate round-based mode, simply activate it in your session settings:

This will automatically deactivate all questions and solutions and load the round-based mode.

Difference between session modes

Flexible Mode

Questions can be shown in any random order by clicking on the toggles under the question number. All questions can also be activated with one click.

Round-Based Mode

Questions and solutions are shown one after the other on your command. A comprehensive overview of all questions and solutions will only be shown after the last question is solved.

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