Before your examinations

  1. Getting started with Classtime

2. Search the library or collaboratively create question sets with co-educators

3. Create your own question set and select Free text for subjective questions

4. Assign marks to each question

5. Create separate question sets to ensure examination integrity and avoid cheating malpractices

6. Create strict timers for every quiz and examination

7. Select session settings and shuffle questions to ensure examination integrity

During the Examinations

  1. Share session link with your students with our one-click session link with no hassle of multiple applications

2. Enable Round Based Mode to ensure complete control of examination and flow of every question by the examiner

3. Track on a real-time basis every student answers and detect cheating instantly on a real-time basis with strict monitoring and our bundling of similar answers to create a plagiarism controlled environment.

After your examinations

1. Validate the subjective type bundled answers and download reports.

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